BPJS Employment History

BPJS Employment History

BPJS Employment History

BPJS employment is not the name for the first time insurance bersipat previous national but is jamsostek. Over time the name was changed, dibarengan with a variety of improvements. Well here is the history of BPJS.

Implementation of the social security program is one of the responsibilities and obligations of the State – to provide socio-economic protection to the public. In accordance with the condition of financial capacity of the State. Indonesia as well as other developing countries, develop social insurance programs funded by social security, social security is funded by the participants and the community is still limited to workers in the formal sector.

The history of the formation of PT Jamsostek (Persero) experienced a long process, starting from the Law No.33 / 1947 jo Law No.2 / 1951 on the work accidents, Ministry of Labour (PMP) 48/1952 jo PMP No.8 / 1956 on the relief arrangements for organizing efforts of health workers, PMP No.15 / 1957 on the establishment of the Foundation of Social workers, PMP No.5 / 1964 on the establishment of Social Security Fund Foundation (YDJS), the enactment of Law No.14 / 1969 on the Principles of labor. Chronologically the process of the birth of social insurance labor more transparent.

After experiencing progress and development, both related to the legal basis, forms of protection as well as for the organization, in 1977 obtained an important milestone with the issuance of Government Regulation (PP) 33 1977 on the implementation of workers’ social insurance programs (ASTEK), which obliges each employer / private entrepreneurs and state enterprises to follow ASTEK program. Publishing also PP No.34 / 1977 on the establishment of a container that is Perum Astek ASTEK organizers.

The next important milestone is the birth of Act 3 of 1992 on Social Security Workers (Jamsostek). And through PP No.36 / 1995 enactment of PT Jamsostek as the organizing body of Labor Social Security. Social Security programs provide basic protection to meet the minimal needs for workers and their families, by providing certainty ongoing revenue streams of family income as a substitute partially or completely lost income, due to social risk.

Furthermore, at the end of 2004, the government also issued Law No. 40 of 2004 on National Social Security System. The legislation relates to Amendment 1945 of the change of Article 34, paragraph 2, which now reads: “The State shall develop a social security system for all citizens and empower the weak and underprivileged in accordance with human dignity”. The benefits of such protection may provide a sense of security to workers so that they can concentrate in increasing the motivation and productivity.

Gait company PT Jamsostek (Persero), which promotes the interests and basic rights of Manpower in Indonesia by providing protection four (4) courses, which include courses Work Accident Insurance (JKK), Death Benefit (JKM), the Old Age Security (JHT) and Warranties Health maintenance (JPK) for all workers and their families continuing until the enactment of Law No. 24 of 2011.

In 2011, the following Act No. 24 of 2011 on Social Security Agency. In accordance with the mandate of the law, dated 1 Januri 2014 PT Jamsostek will turn into Public Law Firm. PT Jamsostek (Persero) which bertransformsi be BPJS (Social Security Agency) Employment still believed to hold workers’ social security programs, which include JKK, JKM, JHT with the addition of pensions from July 1, 2015.

Recognizing the great and noble these responsibilities, BPJS Employment continues to improve competence across service lines while developing a variety of programs and benefits directly enjoyed by workers and their families.

Now with the implementation of more advanced systems, BPJS Employment program not only provides benefits to workers and employers, but also provide an important contribution to the improvement of the nation’s economic growth and prosperity Indonesia ok

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