Insurance Axa Mandiri Hospitallife

Insurance Axa Mandiri Hospitallife

AXA Mandiri understand that health is a gift of life that must be maintained. Health care for the entire family is not only able to give tranquility, but also can minimize the financial risk for medical needs. With health insurance from AXA Mandiri, you can obtain a sum assured of Death in the form of a 100% return on total premiums paid in the year to 1-4. Independent Insurance Hospitallife will guarantee hospitalization costs for the recovery of your health.

What linked the Axa Insurance

Independent Insurance Benefits Hospitallife

1. Money Pertangungan death 100% refund of premiums be paid
2. Compensation hospitalization

  • Hospitalization Daily
  • Treatment of chronic disease
  • Compensation intensive care: 3X daily hospitalization benefit
  • INAF hospitalization benefits in the ICU

3. Compensation daily hospitalization + soul with return of premium 100%
4. 100% return of premium if it happened or not happened kalim
5. The premiums fixed for 4 years


  • Seniors Sign 15 days – 60 Years
  • Currency IDR
  • Decision No Claim Bonus premiums if for 5 consecutive years – participated policy remains active and no benefits in pay.
  • Distribution lines marketing
  • Coverage period of 65 years
  • Minimum premiums according to the age of the insured and the plan chosen
  • Family Discount Available
  • Registered and supervised by the FSA (financial services authority to


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