What it MNC Life Insurance ?

What it MNC Life Insurance ?

Glance MNC Life

PT MNC Life Assurance (Life MNC) completely (99.9%) owned by PT MNC Investama Tbk, through its subsidiary, PT MNC Kapital Indonesia, Tbk, which is one of the investment companies in the field of integrated financial services, and the largest in Indonesia , MNC Life markets a comprehensive range of life insurance products through multi-channel distribution system with a range of independent agents as the primary business unit. To expand and enlarge its product distribution, MNC Life introduces Mediassurance distribution channels, namely marketing of life insurance products through the media. This concept provides a distinct advantage, because the MNC Life is the only player in the insurance industry that is supported directly by the largest integrated media group in Indonesia, so it has broad market potential.


Being a national life insurance company is the best and most reliable in providing protection and financial planning.


Assist customers in managing financial risks
Ensuring customers make the right financial decisions
Provide life insurance products and services that meet the needs of the whole society


In conducting its business, the company values ​​are at the core of the culture of MNC Life and a guide for each member of the company in the act and behave:
Every individual in MNC Life must demonstrate the integrity of the attitude, actions and words.
We trust each other in carrying out daily activities.
Mutual respect
We recognize that each individual has value and important role.
Through a variety of innovations, we will realize our vision

MNC Life Insurance Products

MNC Life Financial provides two main solutions, namely:

Wealth protection

Wealth protection product range offers health and medical insurance, accident and critical illness protection and life insurance for individual clients and client groups.

Wealth accumulation

Wealth accumulation program focuses on education planning, retirement, savings and investments that are tailored to customers’ risk profiles by offering financial protection, as well as favorable investment returns.

Building on the vision of providing financial protection and improve living standards for the people of Indonesia through operational activities, the level of customer satisfaction and strong financial performance, MNC Life is committed to helping individual clients and client groups in managing financial risks, ensuring they make financial decisions right, and provide products and life insurance services that meet the needs of the whole society.

Individual life insurance MNC

Hario 911

Hario 911 has a grip Life is a choice. When you choose Hario 911, you are ready to face the risk of critical illness can occur at any time.

Hario 911 provides protection against the risk of critical illness, with various advantages:

Provides protection against 66 critical illnesses risk
Provide compensation to $ 1.5 billion (accumulated)
Entry age 18-60 years (terms & conditions apply)
Available in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and the US Dollar (USD) * with 2 types of premium payment options:

At the same premium
Insurance period of 1 year and can be renewed each year until the age of 69 years

Regular premium
The period of protection up to the age of 70 years with the option of a payment period of 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and 20 years

* All costs arising from this transaction is USD policy dependents policyholder first


Life is a choice.

By selecting Smart Hario Definitely, you ensure an education fund baby, as well as their old age security. Not forgetting Life Insurance protection for the beloved baby.

Already you ready to hike Education Fund needs are increasing?

Hario Definitely not merely Insurance Smart Education.

Only Hario Definitely Pintar that provides certainty baby availability of funds for education, to continuing education programs (program specialist or S2) as well as the certainty of funding for a happy old age.

“Parents Smart, Plan the Future together Hario Definitely Smart”

Hario excellence Definitely Smart:

Certainty availability Education Fund baby
SURE benefits, are not affected by the investment performance
Certainty availability of funds for education to advanced courses (S2 or specialist courses).
Stages Benefit Fund DEFINITELY out for Kids, can not be taken over by another party.
If there is a financial risk to the parents, the Education Fund will DEFINITELY stay out for the education of children.

Immediately Prepare Your Heart Fruit Educational Fund, and sure Heritage Fund for Retirement Them.

Your Baby Our Priority, Due to the Future They Very Valuable

MNC Group Insurance Life


One of the problems facing the company executives as well as the leadership of an organization or institution in increasing worker productivity is the lack of adequate social security for employees and their families. One form of social security that is needed by the workers or members of the institution and other institutions are life insurance, accident and health. MNC Life will help your company overcome these problems through the following group insurance program, either in the form of standard packages as well as programs designed to your liking (tailor-made):


Group Health is a group insurance program that provides financial protection to employees and / or family of your employees on the risk of illness or accident, with affordable premiums and a variety of advantages. The program is available in the form of guarantees hospitalization due to illness or accident and can be equipped with security benefits outpatient care, maternity care, dental care and eyeglasses.


Group Term Life insurance provides benefits in the form of 100% of insurance if your employees died due to illness or accident.


Group Personal Accident insurance provides many benefits if the employee you have an accident.

Risk A (death due to accident): If your people had died from an accident, we will pay the insurance benefit equal to 100% of insurance.

Risk B (defects remain wholly or partly): If your employees permanent disability in whole or in part, then we will pay insurance benefits amounting to a certain percentage of the sum insured as per the table the benefits listed in the policy.

Risk D (cost of treatment and hospitalization due to accident): If your employees need to be hospitalized due to an accident, then we will reimburse the cost of treatment up to 10% of the sum insured for one (1) year of coverage.


Available through a cashless system that has become a partner provider MNC Life and reimbursement systems (pay first and then claim to MNC Life).
Has more than 400 network of hospitals and associated clinics (providers) are scattered throughout Indonesia, which can be used to guarantee inpatient, outpatient, maternity and dental care.
There are 24-hour service hotline Claim.

Contact the Group Department MNC Life team in number (021) 3983 7005 for further information regarding the benefits packages that fit your company’s needs.

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