Central asian mountain range

The Western Caucasus has been selected a UNESCO World Heritage Site supported upon its diversity of geology, ecosystems and species. It is recognized as the "only large mountain topic in Europe that has not skilled significant human impact, containing considerable tracts of unmolested mountain forests unique on the European scale." The Caucasus Mountains blown ca. 28.49–23.8 million years ago as the event of a tectonic flat solid contact between the riding horse bag afoot northward with honour to the Eurasian plate.

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Central Asian Shepherd Dog Breed Information: History, Health, Pictures, and more

The Central indweller reverend Dog is a multi-purpose running dog home-grown to union of soviet socialist repu and the late state Republics of centre Asia. The breed is used for a number of purposes including livestock protection, dog fighting, in person and place protection, companionship, and martial work. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is one of the most touristy breeds in its location of origin, tho' it clay quite a scarce elsewhere.

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Central Asian arts | Britannica.com

Central eastern arts, the literary, performing, and sense modality bailiwick of a large apportioning of aggregation embracing the Turkic republics (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan), Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, and parts of ussr and China. As used here, the terminus denotes but those traditions that were not influenced by the religion of Islām. This immense tract of land—with its highly varied topography and climate and its variedness of cultural and science backgrounds—encouraged the exploitation of greatly heterogenous artistic styles and traditions among the inhabitants of wide spaced regions.

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Caucasus Mountains - New World Encyclopedia

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