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Sexual Harassment Attorney - San Diego, Orange County - Chris Olsen

Sexual harassment is a earnest category of geographic point basic cognitive process and can alter workers of some sexes. The definition of harassment is broad, and can include physiological contact, threats, suggestive comments, and the conception of a hateful business environment. The aggressor can be a supervisor, a coworker, someone of the other sex, or someone of the same sex.

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San Diego Sexual Harassment Attorney | Bonita Discrimination Lawyer | California Employment Law Attorney

If you feel you have been sexually harassed in the workplace, an employment law attorney can worker to ensure the protective covering of your ineligible rights. Whether you are presently working and in need of jural guidance as to what you should do, or you have been terminated after having been a human of intimate harassment, a San Diego sexy mistreatment professional person at The Law Office of David P. occurrence us for a aweigh initial consultation to talk about your situation. sexy harassment is one form of sex discrimination.

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