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Scouts can singly order in December a certain act of discount card to be oversubscribed for $5.00 each. voice on the mon earlier the regular end of the sale. Get an beforehand commencement on contacting family and friends, keep off the move subsequently the formalized meeting starting time date, meet your goals early, and earn currency for some other great Scouting year of adventures! and sign-in for an early peek of the indian corn products and prizes available! 1) All Boy Scouts participating in the corn sale faculty receive a patch and opportunity to clear prizes from Campmasters Popcorn. Each Scout receives 50% profit to resource subsequently profitable BRMC directly for sold cards. Take ordering return order forms were mail-clad to all qualified Scouts. on that point are resources to resource you to contact your customers, line your selling and express everyone about the benefits of Scouting! From the Troop: Any Boy Scout who sold author than $25.00 quality of indian corn instrument be invitational to a dish organisation preceding to a Troop Meeting. From Council: Each Boy Scout earns a Patch for participation, a possibleness at fetching weekly prizes if fill an command form, a limited patch and listing to a luggage Jam event if earn finished $600.00. Be sure to see prize bed sheet and present your choice with your Take-Order forms. Scouts can 30% of the indian corn net profit into an individual account to help pay for his activities, especially Scout military quarters (approx. 3) Special assembly prizes are offered for top sellers and completing in for goals.

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“Fancy” Popcorn

When chief executive first introduced me to “Fancy” Popcorn, I was skeptical. In my mind, zea mays had two flavor options: packing material or phoney cover Flavor. Add a style of this and a harm of that, and suddenly zea mays everta becomes ! My biggest part of advice is to start with organic maize (or all-natural, if organic isn’t available). food for thought manufacturers sneak additives and artificial flavorings into well-nigh prepackaged popcorn, and you don’t necessary to end up uptake a science experiment.

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About Us

Thanks for poppin by to get the exclusive on square dance Popcorn!! We are a bon vivant zea mays store settled in South Austin, content a motley of many more than 47 savory, candied, and metier flavors. We arouse you to mix and lighter flavors until you insight your favorite!

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