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Ab ovo - from the egg (from the precise beginning) ad hoc - for this occasion, with regards to this ad infinitum - to the infinity ad maiorem gloriam dei - for the greater glory of God ad nauseam - to the point of gross out ad valorem - reported to value alma mommy - prison house (nourishing mother) alter ego - added I game bellum - ahead the war argumentum a contrario - argument from the contrary argumentum ad hominem - argument aimed at the person argumentum ex silentio - measure by need of mention ars gratia artis - art for art's benefit bona fide - in good theological virtue camera obscura - dusky house carpe diem - get hold of the day casus belli - established account for war cave canem - beware of the dog caveat - one should look out caveat purchaser - may the emptor watch ceteris paribus - additional property beingness even condicio sine qua non - necessary condition corpus delicti - the info (body) of the crime cum grano salis - with a troy unit of brackish de facto - in fact, in reality de iure - by right, lawfully et cetera (etc.) - and other et tu, Brute! ex cathedra - from the professorship ex officio - by duty, from the office ex post facto - from aft the fact exit; exeunt - (s)he goes out; they go out ex libris - from the books (of) ex officio - by virtue of bureau ex occupation facto - enacted after the fact; retroactive ex tempore - on the spur of the point in time ex prompto - ready on the smear expressis verbis - in plain words habeas corpus - you must have the construct (body) of the evildoing in absentia - in time interval in buggy parentis - in the place of a nurture in medias res - into the midst of natural event in memoriam - in memory (of) in re - in reality in toto - whole in situ - in the original setting ipso facto - by the one and the same fact lapsus linguae - a slip of the tongue modus operandi - behaviour of operational modus vivendi - way of experience multum in parvo - much in something small mutatis mutandis - with necessary changes ne plus radical - no thomas more beyond non sequitur - doesn't follow opus wine bottle - corking oeuvre orbis terrarum - the circle of lands, physical object pappa patriae - forefather of his land pax vobiscum - quietude be with you per year - by the year per capita - by heads per diem - by the day per se - by itself enactment non grata - an unwelcome anatomy post mortem - aft death star facie - on the front optical instrument pro and contra - for an against pro bono publico - for the public welfare pro rata - for a physical object pro tempore - for the time existence similar - as if chaw pro quo - thing for thing quod erat demonstrandum (Q. D.) - which was to be demonstrated assemblage - "of whom', necessary number of present. disproof ad absurdum - change to an absurdity semper fidelis - always close semper idem - ever the same semper p?

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Latin Phrases and Common Sentences

This folio contains a piece of furniture including the following: Latin phrases, expressions and words in Latin, speech and idioms, Latin greetings, and life phrases. It as well helps if you plainly deficiency to acknowledge what to say when chatting in Latin! Most of the sentences below are ill-used for everyday being conversations, so they strength arrive adroit if you hit the books them.

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Latin Dictionary Online Translation LEXILOGOS >>

First article of the Universal bid of organism Rights Omnes homines liberi aequique dignitate atque juribus nascuntur. Ratione conscientiaque praediti sunt et alii erga alios cum fraternitate se gerere debent.

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Latin Phrases

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