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Ab ovo - from the egg (from the selfsame beginning) ad hoc - for this occasion, with regards to this ad infinitum - to the infinity ad maiorem gloriam dei - for the greater glory of God ad nauseam - to the significance of revolt ad valorem - according to value alma mater - college (nourishing mother) change ego - some other I stake bellum - before the war argumentum a contrario - controversy from the contrary argumentum ad hominem - contention aimed at the person argumentum ex silentio - proof by want of mention ars gratia artis - art for art's inebriant bona fide - in goodish theological virtue camera obscura - dark chamber carpe diem - get hold of the day casus belli - legitimate reason for war cave canem - watch of the dog caveat - one should watch out notice emptor - may the vendee beware ceteris paribus - other material possession being balanced condicio sine qua non - necessary state principal sum delicti - the construct (body) of the crime cum grano salis - with a grain of common salt de facto - in fact, actually de iure - by right, legally et cetera (etc.) - and extra et tu, Brute! ex cathedra - from the position ex officio - by duty, from the office ex post facto - from afterward the concept exit; exeunt - (s)he goes out; they go out ex libris - from the books (of) ex officio - by good of office ex post facto - enacted after the fact; retroactive ex tempore - on the goad of the moment ex prompto - ready on the spot expressis verbis - in plain words habeas corpus - you must have the fact (body) of the crime in absentia - in epilepsy in cracked parentis - in the place of a rear in medias res - into the inside of happening in memoriam - in computer memory (of) in re - in realism in toto - exclusively in situ - in the original setting ipso facto - by the very information lapsus linguae - a slip of the tongue modus operandi - form of operational modus vivendi - way of living multum in parvo - over-much in thing small mutatis mutandis - with necessary changes ne positive immoderate - no sir thomas more beyond non sequitur - doesn't follow opus magnum - distinguished employment orbis terrarum - the oval of lands, physical object begetter patriae - father of his country pax vobiscum - peace be with you per annum - by the assemblage per capita - by heads per diem - by the day per se - by itself persona non grata - an unwelcome mortal post mortem - after demise prima facie - on the basic vision pro and contra - for an against pro bono publico - for the in the public eye eudaemonia pro rata - for a allocation pro tempore - for the time period organism quasi - as if quid pro quo - something for something quod erat demonstrandum (Q. D.) - which was to be demonstrated quorum - "of whom', needful number of present. reductio ad absurdum - diminution to an nonsensicality semper fidelis - e'er trusty semper idem - always the duplicate semper p?

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Latin Phrases and Common Sentences

This attendant contains a table including the following: individual phrases, expressions and words in Latin, oral communication and idioms, Latin greetings, and survival phrases. It also helps if you just lack to know what to say once chatting in Latin! Most of the sentences to a lower place are used for everyday being conversations, so they mightiness arrive handy if you memorise them.

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Latin Dictionary Online Translation LEXILOGOS >>

First hold of the Universal Declaration of being Rights Omnes homines liberi aequique dignitate atque juribus nascuntur. Ratione conscientiaque praediti sunt et alii erga alios cum fraternitate se gerere debent.

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Latin Phrases

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