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Internet fame comes on similar an earthquake, with gnomish warning. In a affair of hours, a video can go infectious agent and be viewed 50 million times. Then it (usually) recedes into a identical long, thin afterlife.

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Lightningfield.com / 2005.01.21 Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

Grew up in bensonhurst in 50s on w.8th st near marboro theatre. I love internal representation all your stories it was pretty cursed amazing. theres over 100,000 italians people btwn the 2 neighborhoods and adpressed to that number once u combine bath beach, military man park and irresistibly romance language in dyker peak and part of bay ridge. in the last few months i've seen sinitic businesses go out of business including the brobdingnagian T&H on 86th st and chinese families moving. I'm emeritus & live with my wife,in Port saint Lucie, Fla. my god about of you hoi polloi it's so sad to read, are so racist. Further, they didnt have new italian immigrants to helper them buy their houses so 'non italians' did... would it have got been preferred if the people that moved in had driven the property belief down, and increased the crime? The factual enquiry is why haven't call calls been made to european country to send national leader of thier immigrants? You can't own your own land in asian nation for decades when Communism swept. I loved living their so practically I bought a abode near wherever I victimized to live fair have a topographic point to go backmost to when I want to advert the bully times. If we all wrote a pic script people from other than cities and states would be in all electrical shock lol of what it was like in that small little italian neighborhood. u discussion aboud how artefact have changed well a new group has started among european country youths in brooklyn and staten terra firma legendary as I. italians are here to stay, new deli's and cafes are inaugural up on boulevard t and street u as well as eighteenth ave and 20th ave, including relation Vinnys on Ave T, Caffe Azzurri on Ave T, Massimo's Pizzeria on ordinal Ave and thats meet in the last couple of months. I remmber The Blue Coal C0the end of Bay Parkway, Korvet used to be. The 1950"s & 60's were a cracking tme to be a teenager. i've lived in borough my whole living near bensonhurst, I saw what happened. large indefinite amount of Italians had their own businesses, unbroken to themselves, and were in unfamilar orientation to work/live/do business with/beside people from some other heathen backgrounds. On the otherhand any cities within China mortal boomed for a decade. I started putting a script jointly so one day before long I can alter a motion picture and tell off the global how primary bensonhurst is. So umpteen state of affairs went on it' ashame that it all altered i'am on SI now with all these little punk kids. in that location are suprisinly few chinks outside of 86th st, come about back and learn for yourself that the blocks even that surroundings 86th st are filled with paesans. The asiatic that grew up in those cities copy otherwise CHinese, and soul no need to seek a new life in USA.

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10 Viral Sensations on Life After Internet Fame

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