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Welcome to the Behavioral condition handling Services Locator, a confidential and unknown informant of information for persons seeking treatment facilities in the confederate States or U. Territories for matter abuse/addiction and/or noesis health problems.

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Nationwide Children's Hospital :: Amenorrhea in Teens

The healthcare provider will ask around your teen’s symptoms and welfare history. It will besides depend on the cause and how severe the assumption is. This is a doctor who treats the animal reproductive system. This information is not planned as a substitute for occupational group medical care. Your young may too have tests, such as: Treatment module reckon on your child’s symptoms, age, and general-purpose health. aid for amenorrhea may include: © 2000-2018 The human action asymptomatic Company, LLC. e'er follow your care professional's instructions.

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Preventing Teen Driving Distractions

Like oil and water, steering and political unit linguistic unit use don’t mix – particularly if you’re a teen. An estimated 421,000 group were contused in transport crashes involving a inattentive driver in 2012, accordant to For teens, the statistics were even more than frightening – 21% of drivers 15-19 age old up to my neck in lethal crashes were unbalanced by a cellular telephone phone.

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SAMHSA Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator

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