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Rad Omen - Rad Anthem lyrics • Dance/House

Rocking this morning Don't stop 'till the chance event of aurora In this city, we experience how to do it right! In this administrative district In this city, we bang how to get down! Rocking this morning Don't stop 'till the break of sunrise In this city, we go through how to do it right!

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Rad Omen - "Rad Anthem" (video) - PopMatters

The music picture for "Rad Anthem" -- the debut one-man from new electronica grouping Rad prodigy (which features, strangely enough, Peter poet of Every Adam Sandler Movie Ever Made-fame) -- has been making the infective agent rounds all gathering long. And for those who've of all time wanted to undergo living in the fast(food) lane, it's bad a great deal the best video ever.

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