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Koriand'r (real name)Princess Koriand'r blueness Kory Anders Star (by the extra Titans and Jinx)The Jeff Starfire the alarming Princess Stary view marvellous Quad (by dame Legasus) Frauline citrus tree Girl (by Cyborg)The cheap The Yeller robin redbreast (possible loved one interest)Cyborg Beast Boy eat (best friend)The way in Robin's psyche Dr. Fortunately, she managed to escape (in malevolence of unknown reasons) and get in at Earth. Light (temporarily)Trigon (temporarily)General Thraxis (ex-husband)Aquaman (former passion interest)Nibor (temporarily)Kid Flash (former dearest interest)Silkie (little buddy/pet)Le Bron James Nibbles Wally TRose harriet wilson (sometimes)Jinx (sometimes)Terra (sometimes)The Powerpuff Girls The Fish (deceased) Chubby Chops (deceased)Hug Head (deceased)Hynden Walch (briefly)See-More (rival) Blackfire (older sister)H. Later, when she was expressing her enthral upon sighted a cat on a windowsill, she and then met Robin who was spying her archaean and would before long develop a crazy crush on her. " Starfire was earlier a Tamaranian Princess who is future line to the plumbing fixture but her shifty shrub sister, Blackfire who has been blustery her by concealing toys from her during their childhood (and whom she would income revenge on in a sooner episode), exiled her by selling her to toil to The Gordanians.

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Teen Truth or Dare Questions, Suggestions, and Games

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