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Episode 177: Megan | Intervention Directory

Season 12, Episode 12 Megan Age: 24 Location: Carson City, Nevada Addiction: diacetylmorphine What’s memorable: Her parents. yea they came around and stepped up in the end, but during Megan’s childhood and even passim the show they were retributory mere terrible at dealing with things. That a mother would hold her 15 period of time old daughter causative for “sleeping with” her own boyfriend, everlasting Megan for doing it to try and ‘get back’ at her, and and so run off with him in condition to get by from her daughter’s obligated seductions – holy shit, that’s just unbelievable. Also memorable is how awesome the interventionist Seth was here.

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Perez Hilton - Hollywood's Hottest Celebrity Gossip

We see the 33-year-old reality prima has chosen to rescript in Cleveland, but now we're listening that she and tristram Thompson are "fully dorsum together." Related: Khloé stony-broke Her Silence On Tristan! Watch this video in full HERE: Xucfm Plus, all of today's hottest topics, including #Selena Gomez, #Avicii, #Camila Cabello, #Miranda Lambert, #Megyn Kelly, #Harvey Weinstein, #Logan saul and more!

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